All About Zombies

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How Dangerous is a Movie Zombie?

Yahoo! Movies put together this illustrated guide to help us understand the dangers of some of […]

Survival Plan for the Zombie Invasion

We all know that the inevitable will happen. Zombies will return and roam our cities eventually. […]

Zombie Survival Guide

Zombies are one pest you want to keep away from your house. Zombies are not like […]

How Zombies Started

Some of you may be thinking that zombies stemmed from the LSD era; close but wrong. […]

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Why Zombies Can’t Exist

If you speak to those who argue against the possibility of zombies they will find many […]

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Why Zombies Are Impossible

A question often asked is why zombies are impossible. Have you ever tried to hold a […]

Zombies in Pop Culture

Zombies have always been one of the most well-loved creatures to scare us. They have been […]

The Undead in Literature

Exploring the undead is a common literary theme. People love to think about what it would […]

Zombie Biology

When you read books or watch movies about Zombies they often bleed and ooze out weird […]

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5 Best Zombie Video Games

If you enjoy Zombies and playing video games you are in for a treat with this […]