Zombie Jokes

Here are zombie jokes, submitted by kids from all around the world. Have a joke of your to submit? You can do it here at JokesByKids Joke Submission.

From Tristen T., age 9, Arlington, Texas, United States

What’s a zombie’s favorite meal?

From Tobias, age 10, Kitchener

Why did the zombie go crazy?

From Erowyn, age 6, San Diego, CA

What did the zombie say when he was in the wrestling match?

From Nikhila, age 8, USA

Who does a zombie take out for dinner?

From Shira, age 8, America

What is a zombie’s favorite toy?

From Lauren, age 10, Auburn, Washington

What do you call a dead bee?

From Adrian, Juan, and Kathy, age 10, California, U.S.A.

What is a zombie’s favorite kind of street???