What is the Most Efficient Way to Kill a Zombie?

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There are many ways to protect yourself when you learn that zombies are roaming your area looking to sink some teeth into your head. There’s the decapitation route, yet you’ll have to get in close to make this happen. This can be incredibly dangerous given the fact that a single bite will rob you of your individuality. You can always climb a tower with a high-powered sniper rifle and pick them off from a distance, but what happens when you run out of ammo and have underestimated the ever-growing zombie population? So, to avoid these pitfalls and ensure your legacy as the premier zombie killer in all the land, you’ll need to get creative, and in this case, you’ll likely find yourself operating at maximum efficiency. What are we considering? We’re talking about fire…

There are a few different angles you can take when utilizing fire to defeat your undead foes:

The Stadium Approach

Visit the local demolitions depot and snag yourself some high-powered explosive. TNT should do the trick, but if you have to get by with some C4, I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Lure all of the zombies in the area into a large stadium or gymnasium, but be sure that you have a well definited escape route. Once they are inside and all reaching for your untainted flesh, make your escape, and blow the entire joint up! This will make for some dramatic fireworks, and you can move onto the next town, eager to showcase your abilities.

Fire in the Streets

This can be done with some gasoline and a bit of archery practice. Lure zombies into an intersection that you’ve already covered in gasoline or tar. Once they have entered the area, fire a flaming arrow into the center of the area, torching the whole place. A key component of this strategy is the presence of a sidearm, however. Be sure that you have a way to clean up any stragglers. Fire in general will be your friend when you are combating a large population of the undead. Sure, you’ll hear plenty rave about the decapitation and head-shot techniques, but there are flaws in these tactics. Running out of ammo while trapped on top of a water tower could mean certain death, and getting into a hand to hand combat situation may be simple for a few minutes, but once you start to tire, you’re likely finished.

Stockpiling gasoline and flame ridden arrows should give you plenty of different options when eliminating as many zombies as possible with a single action. When considering efficiency, the number of zombies that you can kill should always be at the forefront of your planning. A little bit of creativity goes a long way, so while you’re making all of these plans, have a little fun. Keep moving, and always have your escape route mapped out. By keeping these things in mind, you’ll survive whatever sparked the zombie movement, and in time, create your own legendary tale.

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