What is the Difference Between a Zombie and a Vampire?

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When comparing the various options in the undead species, if there is such a thing, there comes a moment when personality plays a key role in separating the “haves” from the “have-nots”. This is the determining factor when trying to find what separates vampires from zombies. Sure, if either of them bites you, you turn into one yourself, but only one of them wins out in the flair and personality department, and in this case, it’s the vampire.

The Importance of Personality

Vampires are charismatic. They can seduce anyone into their embrace, which makes them incredibly dangerous. Not to mention, the allure of seeing centuries pass while maintaining some level of awareness can be alluring in and of itself. Women love mystery, and when you are in competition with a vampire for a woman’s affection, you’re likely out of luck. Great clothes, plenty of money, and the ability to promise eternity make vampires the most attractive undead, re-animated creatures in the mystical world.

Who would you want to meet coming out of the mist?

Zombies on the other hand tend to be pretty boring. Conversations are often dead-end affairs and when you’re spending some time with a zombie, you’re going to have to walk really slowly. They don’t have much to offer in any area, so zombies are generally despised in undead social circles.

The Bite

The common denominator when putting vampires and zombies side by side is the bite. Fabled to be a sort of virus or infection that can be transferred through the bite on a victim, this method of creating minions seems far easier than releasing a terrible pop record. In addition to the bite, the need to feed on human beings makes you a predator though only the vampire could be considered to be on top of the food chain. Zombies are easily dispatched. Vampires are cunning, manipulative, and overall, just better people, so sending them to wherever they came from can be quite a challenge.

The Kill

Zombies can be killed through several methods, and in most cases, it’d be the same if they weren’t a zombie. However, vampires require a stake through the heart, a holy water bath, or sunlight exposure. Good luck luring them into one of these situations, as they understand their weaknesses and are incredibly aware. Zombies, on the other hand, seem to have no understanding of where they are or what they’re doing. They’re simply following the herd. Lead them off a cliff, and you’ll be just fine.

The Overall Comparison

In actuality, comparing vampires and zombies is a one-sided affair. There aren’t many things that a zombie can do that will impress even the lowliest of vampires. Mindless fiends that wander the hills aimlessly are a dime a dozen in places like Transylvania. Vampires are forced to operate only on the graveyard shift (pun very intended), but for those that love the night life, there aren’t many better fates. Sleeping in a coffin could get a little old, but the ability to roam freely, turn into mist, or outright fly creates a palate of benefits that zombies cannot even touch.

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