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While many people are working diligently to prove that there is no scientific way a zombie could really exist; there are those who are also trying to show how zombies could happen. The real problem here is that everyone’s perception of a zombie is not the same. Most of us have formed our zombie beliefs on what we have seen on the silver screen. However, the perception we carry about zombies today is different than what it was only a half century ago. Zombies as we fear them today were first introduced successfully to the world in Night Of The Living Dead in the late 1960s. But could those zombies really happen?

The Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead changed our perception of a zombie to an entirely different monster that proved to be:
• blood thirsty
• flesh eating
• biting
• mindless
• infection spreading
• relentlessly slow

Our new perception of a zombie was our worst nightmare; a monster that could infect us with their same doom like a vampire, rip us apart and eat us like a werewolf, and come back from the dead like Frankenstein. Zombies as the living dead bled into all of our fears rolled into one. Our fascination with our own mortality and what we may look like crawling back out of the grave was haunting and alluring.

Looks like she wants to give you candy.

But Could They Happen

If you rely simply on the scientific data that our partially used minds can assemble in the present, then no, the bodies of the dead could not reanimate from the grave to walk the earth and feed on human prey. However, this is based on the knowledge our primitive minds can comprehend at this time. It is difficult to convince anyone without an open mind of what could happen in the future beyond our comprehension. Who knows what drugs or chemical weapons the governments of the world are working on right now? A person-eating people is not a stretch. Cannibalism is nothing new to the world. Mind controlling substances are nothing unique as well. So who can honestly say what kind of mutation or advanced technology beyond our comprehension will exist in the future?

Close Minded

Only those completely close minded to possibility can assume with a doubt today what the future will hold. These are the same people who proclaim we are the only intelligent life anywhere in any universe. The bottom line is that mankind does not know everything; it just thinks it does. In the end it is what we don’t know that offers us the most fear. Whether it is from some:

• type of radiation unknown to us
• type of infection beyond our comprehension
• type of man-made experiment gone awry
• type of parasite yet to be discovered

I wish I could tell you to unlock your doors and that there is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately there are numerous 2 legged monsters walking the earth that are not zombies but almost as scary. If you want to know how zombies could happen; just keep an open mind about the things we simply can’t comprehend.

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