Why Zombies Are Better Than Unicorns

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When it comes to zombies and unicorns there is really no comparison. Any zombie enthusiast will tell you that a zombie is in a league of their own. There are so many things a zombie brings to the table other than their appetite. Let’s take the time to explore why zombies are better than unicorns. Here are some reasons why:

• Zombies may not look great but they don’t have an ugly horn sticking out of their forehead
• Zombies work to reduce the surplus population
• Zombies are not picky eaters; they like Russian, American, British, Italian, Greek, Turkish, African American, Chinese or Mexican. They like food from everywhere as long as it’s human.
• Zombies don’t show preference either; they will eat Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, Uncles and Aunts, and even Grandparents without blinking an eye.
• Zombies are better than Unicorns because they share; they are perfectly willing to take an arm and give you a leg; brains are another matter.
• You can tell a zombie a secret and they won’t tell a soul
• Anybody can be a zombie but not everyone can be a unicorn
• Zombies don’t need sleep but Unicorns were often captured asleep on the lap of a fair maiden
• Zombies are alive when they are dead; when Unicorns are dead they are dead.
• A Zombie won’t break your heart; they might eat it but they won’t break it.

Just Getting Warmed Up

We are just getting warmed up with reasons Zombies are better than Unicorns. When you take the time to stop and think it is easy to see that Zombies have a lot going for them. Here are some more reasons why Zombies are better than Unicorns:
• You don’t have to cook for a Zombie; they eat their humans raw.
• Zombies never get sick so they don’t require medical insurance (this could be a loop hole in the new Health Insurance Bill)
• You can easily out run a Zombie but it is hard to out run a Unicorn.
• A Zombie never complains; unless of course you don’t hold still when he is trying to eat you.
• You can kill as many Zombies as you want and not go to jail.
It is plain to see there are many reasons that Zombies are better than Unicorns.

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