How Zombies Work

in Short Stories

When I was a young child growing up I was always terrified of closed in dark spaces. When I was about 14, I often heard noises outside the window of my bedroom. The noises were muffled and almost sounding like a person moaning. One night I sprang out of my bed, and quickly made my way to the window. What I saw was terrifying and something that I will never forget. Two large men were slowly walking towards the barn.

I sprinted to my parent’s bedroom to tell them. They told me not to worry and to go back to bed. Son after I heard some loud banging, and screeching coming from the barn. I ran to the window again and saw my Dad heading toward the barn. He had his rifle in hand. As I watched him enter the barn door I saw the flash of the muzzle shots. Two shots rang into the air, I ran back to their room where my Mom was standing in the window.

We waited for what seemed to be ages and my Dad did not come out of the barn. My Mom became worried and called my Uncle who lived on the farm beside us. He came up in his truck and met us at the door. Mom had told him that Dad went in the barn about 20 minutes ago and didn’t come back out. He had fired two rounds from his rifle. My Uncle said not to worry he’d check it out.

They must have come out of the woods.

After about another 15 minutes there was no sign of either my Uncle or my Dad. Mom and I were extremely worried at this point. We grabbed the shotgun and headed for the barn. When we opened the barn door the smell hit us first. The vision of what we saw next was complete horror. It seemed as though the entire barn was covered in blood. The walls were covered, the floorboards were covered, the tractor, tools, EVERYTHING!

There were about 4 or 5 large looming creatures standing over my Uncle’s body. When one of them turned towards us I realized it was my Dad. His face was half rotted off, and his clothing was ripped and covered in blood. My Mom fainted immediately and I ran toward her. I tripped on a loose floorboard and as I hit the ground more of the zombies came from the hay mound.

They picked my Mom up and dragged her back to the horse stall. The last thing I remember was complete darkness. I awoke in my room, when I looked down at my body I too was covered in blood. My clothes were ripped and my room was a disaster. I got up and looked into the mirror and too my horror I saw that my face and body was mutilated and covered in blood. As I looked closer I could see my Father step into my room. He said this is how the Zombies work; they turn those they want into the undead. This is how we will exist forever more.

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