Why Are Zombies Popular?

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Have you ever wondered why zombies are popular?

• They don’t drive Corvettes
• They do not own big beach front homes and throw tantalizing parties
• They smell bad; never miss a good human buffet; and never pay for their food
• It is hard to get close to someone who slobbers constantly, bleeds all over; never brushes their teeth, and can’t hold a decent conversation

Let’s face it: Zombies are not the sharpest tools in the shed. So why are zombies so popular? There has to be a reason because millions of zombie enthusiasts can’t be wrong.

This looks like a popular fella, doesn't it?

Digging Deeper

Sometimes you have to dig deep to find a good zombie and sometimes you have to dig even deeper to find good answers. When all is said and done zombies are kind of cool too. I mean they never sleep; they can go all night and never stop. The only way to get them to stop is to separate the brain from the body and that will ruin a relationship in a hurry. It would seem that the reason zombies are popular goes deeper than just social inadequacies. Our fascination with zombies is something that goes beyond the grave.

Zombie Popularity

The truth of the matter is we as a people enjoy being scared. Horror films are so popular because they scare us. We like being on the edge of our seats wondering what may a wait around each dark corner, in a dark closet, or under our bed. Nothing is more scary then the thought of the dead coming back to life; not to get on Facebook; but to satisfy their hunger for human flesh and brains. Zombies, unlike vampires and other monsters we’ve known over the years; have little or no brain function at all. Zombies cannot be reasoned with; they are driven to one goal and one goal only; having us for lunch and they will stop at nothing to reach our brains.

The Zombie Reality

Even though none of us want our brains on the menu; we are still attracted to Zombies and the concept of these undead walking the earth. Perhaps it is because we want to believe that Zombies could actually exist in the right situation. The bottom line is Zombies have always been popular. They enhance our imagination and capitalize on our fear mechanisms. They remind us that the zombie theory may only be one apocalypse away from becoming a reality. We anticipate the sudden awakening that man’s quest for knowledge and conquest could one day back fire and turn the world as we know it upside down; leaving zombies wondering our cities in search of the human appetizer. Sometimes it is the things that cause us the most fear; that shatters everything that we hold dear and true; that surprisingly excites us the most.

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