What You Need to Know to Survive a Zombie Attack

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There are many ways in life to learn the right and wrong way to do things. Thankfully we are taught by our parents at a young age how to get by in life. Most of us also are fortunate to have good teachers, coaches and other people to guide us.

Question: Would you know how to survive a zombie attack? If you are like most people you have no clue. Well this article is meant to teach you how. I would advise that you get a plan of action started right away.

No matter what religion or belief system you have, most of them discuss the matter of the walking dead. The day the dead will walk among us again. For the most part good human beings that die and pass on to the next world, are gone to bigger and better places.

Run! The zombies are after our tasty brains!

Those that lived a life that was not so pure and innocent suffer damnation and lie in wait until they can walk the earth again. When they return they become the walking dead, or what is known as a zombie.

Zombies are nasty creatures; some people think that they are thoughtless wandering masses of flesh. In fact they are actually fairly intelligent. Sure most are slow moving and make grunting and moaning sounds, but it is important to remember they are in a living hell daily. Their soul purpose is to feed off of those lucky enough to be still breathing.

In order to prepare for a zombie attack, you need to be aware of a few things. As mentioned they aren’t brainless, and it is the brain you need to go for. They also do not like fire, so if possible you can incinerate them to kill them off. Depending on the numbers you’re dealing with will depend on how you proceed. If there is a large number, your best bet is to attempt to lure them into one area, and using gasoline, or another fuel type burn the entire batch.

If you are dealing with only one or two, be patient. They are typically slow moving. (There are newer breeds out there that are extremely fast and more intelligent but that is for another story). Once you have thought out your plan of action to deal with the solo or duo that you are dealing with. Take them down! Save your ammo, and other essential weaponry. Utilize knives, stakes, and other sharp objects that you can use to pierce their brains. Going at them through their eyes, and ears is best. Never, Never, Never turn your back on them even if you think your knife went deep into their brain matter, they may still have some fight left in them. A wounded zombie can do some serious damage if they get hold of you.

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