How Zombie Virus Spreads

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In the old days, the zombie virus could only be spread when you were bitten by one of the creatures. In the past decade or so, there has been a serious change in the strain of the zombie virus.

Everyone remembers their first zombie movies, and as the years went by the graphics and effects also improved. The flu viruses from years gone by were no where near as strong as some of the ones that are out there today. The same can be said with regard to the zombie virus. Some of the unique strains out there actually allow for the behaviors to change. This is nothing like anyone has seen before.

Like any virus they tend to grow stronger. The zombie virus does not have an anti-virus or antidote; the only way to eliminate the virus is to eliminate the host. For the most part the virus has been spread by way of attack, and also by way of zombie relationships. Similar to human sexual disease transmission, a zombie can transfer the virus by way of intimate contact.

This zombie certainly looks contagious!

There have been reports in the zombie literature over the last 5-7 years that show particular strains and cultures; zombies have been experimenting with various ways to increase their population. This can be a scary thought if you are not well versed with regard to the zombie culture and community.

The invasion is inevitable, and there are some fearful and damaging reports that have been noted. In order for the strain to remain strong, and not dwindle when the transfer of the zombie virus is made through feeding, some experts have been working on a master strain, and are utilizing puncture guns, as well as hypodermic needles to spread the virus. Intentionally!

There is a rumor spreading across the internet that these zombie experts are also looking at ways to spread the virus similar to that of the common cold. There have been rumblings that some of the more remote areas on earth have already been used as testing grounds. There is a strong rumor that suggests that they are close to mastering the process and have already exposed it to a small tribe on a remote Island. The thought is that they can master the strainwhile isolating the victims.

These aspects are horrifying and the talk of zombie invasion simply can not be avoided anymore. Invasion preparation should be an active plan for everyone.

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