Why Unicorns Are Better Than Zombies

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Although there was a time when Unicorns were considered to be quite aggressive; they always displayed goodness. These creatures have been used to represent Kings and Kingdoms and have been a reflection of things positive and inspiring. The perception of the Unicorn has altered greatly over time but it is still considered a beautiful animal with magical healing powers. The horn that sticks out of its forehead is said to heal the poisons of the world. There are many good things about a Unicorn that makes it better than a Zombie.

The List

Here is a list of reasons that demonstrate why Unicorns are better than Zombies:

• If you get bitten by a Unicorn a Zombie will laugh; if you get bitten by a Zombie, the horn of the Unicorn can heal you.
• A Unicorn can only be caught through treachery; you can out walk a Zombie and shoot him in the head and he is caught.
• The Unicorn is a thing of beauty; the Zombie is a rotting corpse.
• The Unicorn eats grass; the Zombie eats your brains.
• You can pick up your Unicorn and stab a Zombie in the head.
• Unicorns put off a fresh country scent: Zombies smell like a rotting corpse.
• You can ride a Unicorn to safety; a Zombie will chase you to safety.
• The Unicorn will fall asleep on your lap; a Zombie will have your lap for lunch if you fall asleep.
• When a Unicorn dies you don’t have to worry about them coming back in search of your brains.

Go Unicorns Go

The Unicorn sure is making the Zombie look bad on this list. It is hard to compete against the well respected Unicorn but a Zombie never gives up. Here are some more reasons why Unicorns are better than Zombies:

• If you are nice to a Unicorn they will be your friend; if you are nice to a Zombie they will still eat your brains.
• A bite from a Unicorn will heal; a bite from a Zombie will turn you into a Zombie.
• Shoot a Unicorn in the head and the heavens will weep; shoot a Zombie in the head, not a tear will be shed.


There is no comparison when it comes to a Unicorn and a Zombie. The Unicorn stands for all that is good and the Zombie is a creature that feeds on our most intimate fears.

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