Why Zombies Can’t Exist

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If you speak to those who argue against the possibility of zombies they will find many reasons why zombies can’t exist. These non-believers have piles of conservative research that reassuringly supports their position. They have wrestled with every scientific theory and micro-examined every possible angle and drew the determination that zombies cannot exist. Of course most of these people only believe in what they can physically see, touch, smell and feel. They are relying on their senses and non-conclusive scientific data to provide their views with merit. Perhaps we can find equal ground in that no zombies have yet to be discovered; but this does not mean that zombies can’t exist in the future.

The Argument Over Consciousness

These zombies look pretty real to me.

One of the major arguments non-believers stand by is that a zombie would have no consciousness and therefore would not be able to think; nor would impulses travel to the extremities so zombies could walk up too, grab, chew, and swallow non-believers. It is hard to buy into the consciousness argument because if you have been out of your home lately you have certainly seen many people walking around with out a brain in their heads and they move around just fine.

The Rigormortis Argument

Most people understand that rigormortis sets into a dead body in only several hours. The muscles have to have oxygen or they begin to become stiff. Therefore, the theory suggests that within hours a zombie would not be able to move. If the zombie cannot move then according to non-believers; they cannot exist. We beg to differ because I don’t think my brother – in – law has moved off my sister’s couch in 20 years and he still exists just fine. Of course we know that no matter how much he resembles a zombie; he is not a zombie.

The Theory of Existence

This debate about rather zombies could exist or not will rage on until the zombie apocalypse occurs or does not. Views will always be based upon personal, scientific, and even faith based beliefs. Depending upon your beliefs anything could feasibly be possible. We do not have the intellect today to determinedly justly if anything related to a zombie could ever exist. What we do know is that with the knowledge our brains can fathom it cannot be conceived. However, there is much more to learn and to experience as well. Therefore we know zombies should not be able to exist for the following reasons:

• When the brains die it no longer fires our intellectual furnace and therefore no signals are sent to nerve endings to allow movement, sight, or to support life.

• Rigormortis sets in within hours and without the muscles receiving a steady supply of oxygen the body would harden and the zombie would be firewood.

• The undead zombie would have no consciousness and no soul; a light on with nobody home.

Perhaps the main reason zombies can’t exist is because if they did; we may not.

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